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Hope for Those with Anxiety Disorder: How Ketamine Infusions Are Changing Lives

Anxiety disorders are some  the most prevalent mental disorders in America. According to the American Psychiatric Association, almost 30% of the population suffers from the disorder at least once.  While various treatments are available to help deal with anxiety disorder, ketamine is emerging as the most effective. Most medications used to treat anxiety don’t produce … Read more

What Is The Definition of Anxiety?

Anxiety is a big deal, affecting millions of U.S. adults and children. Being a member of this group isn’t a reason to be ashamed; it simply means others experience similar feelings and symptoms, and you’re not alone. It’s a serious mental health disorder that is treatable with therapy or medicine, like ketamine. Symptoms of anxiety … Read more

Does anxiety cause high blood pressure?

ketamine to help anxiety

Anxiety and blood pressure appear to go hand in hand, but the symptoms of anxiety usually only lead to a short-term spike in your blood pressure, according to the Mayo Clinic’s Sheldon G. Sheps, M.D. “But episodes of anxiety can cause dramatic, temporary spikes in your blood pressure. If those temporary spikes occur frequently, such as every day, they can cause damage to your blood vessels, heart, and kidneys.

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