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Non-Surgical Facelift

$1800 per session, 60 – 90 minutes

ENDOLIFT® is a minimally invasive outpatient laser procedure used in endo-tissutal (interstitial) aesthetic medicine. The laser treatment is performed with the latest Eufoton® LASEmaR® 1500 (certified and approved by the American FDA for laser assisted liposuction). ENDOLIFT® has multiple purposes: the remodeling of both deep and superficial layers of the skin, toning, the retraction of connective septums, the stimulation of collagen production and, when necessary, the reduction of excessive fat.

Possible Benefits

Skin tightening and toning

Stimulates and produces Collagen production

Retraction and reduction of skin laxity

Actives Neo-collagenesis

What is the process?

 Initial consultation with Nurse Anesthesiologist to asses medical history and skin condition

Client is scheduled for their session and given complimentary Hydrafacial during procedure

Certified Nurse Anesthesiologist will mark and inject areas where Endolift fibers will be directed

Clients will be given aftercare instructions and can return to their job and normal activities within a few hours.

Clients will be given aftercare instructions and can expect rapid results

The main activity of ENDOLIFT® is promoting skin tightening, in other words the retraction and reduction of skin laxity thanks to the activation of neo-collagenesis and of metabolic functions in the extra cellular matrix. The skin tightening created by ENDOLIFT® is strictly linked to the selectivity of the laser beam used, that is, to the specific interaction of the laser light which selectively hits two of the main targets of the human body: water and fat.


No anesthesia, only cooling

Safe, visible and immediate results

Long-term effect

No incisions

Outpatient treatment

No or minimum convalescence

It can be combined with our other aesthetic treatments

Endolift Before & After

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