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What Is Ketamine Used For Medically?

Ketamine – an abbreviated history 1962 – Synthesized by U.S. scientists in Detroit, Michigan. 1963 – Patented as a human-safe anesthetic in Belgium. 1966 – Patented as human anesthesia in the U.S. 1970 – Receives approval from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in anesthesia. 1960s-1970s – Ketamine is the most widely used … Read more

What Is Ketamine Treatment Like?

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Millions of people struggle every day with different kinds of discomfort. Pain from mental health disorders and chronic conditions are just two examples. If you suffer from symptoms of either, one treatment option is ketamine infusion. No longer just an anesthetic, it may help you regain control of your life.

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Do Ketamine Infusions Help Depression?


Mood disorders like anxiety and stress are prevalent, with the U.S. Census Bureau finding a third of Americans are showing signs of depression. The good news is ketamine infusion therapy may help control symptoms of depression or anxiety. WHAT IS INFUSION THERAPY? Not all medicine needs to be dispensed orally. Instead, some doctors will administer … Read more

What Part Of The Brain Does Ketamine Affect?


The human brain is the most complex organism known to man – containing more than 100 billion neurons – and it’s the pain control center of our lives. If you’re experiencing mental or physical discomfort that persists despite conventional treatment, you may benefit from alternative drugs like ketamine which can offer relief. WHAT IS KETAMINE? … Read more