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Hope for Those with Anxiety Disorder: How Ketamine Infusions Are Changing Lives

Anxiety disorders are some  the most prevalent mental disorders in America. According to the American Psychiatric Association, almost 30% of the population suffers from the disorder at least once. 

While various treatments are available to help deal with anxiety disorder, ketamine is emerging as the most effective. Most medications used to treat anxiety don’t produce consistent results, with research showing that 50% of people using these treatments are “treatment-resistant.”

So far, the FDA has only approved a particular form of ketamine for treatment-resistant depression. However, more doctors are prescribing it off-label to treat anxiety disorders because of consistent results

Here’s what you need to know about ketamine infusions and how they can help with anxiety disorders. 

What is Ketamine IV (Infusion) Therapy?

Ketamine IV therapy is a carefully dosed infusion of ketamine administered at a healthcare facility. Patients typically receive about three treatments in the first week, two in the second, and one a week for the subsequent three weeks. 

A visit for ketamine IV therapy lasts about 90 minutes. This visit includes an observatory period before the patient can return home, and counseling, which is essential to ensuring the effectiveness of the treatments.

Traditional antidepressants take weeks before showing results. Ketamine symptom relief starts a few hours after treatment. 

For some patients, ketamine IV therapy relieves their symptoms altogether, while others must pair it with other medications and treatments for similar results. 

Ketamine is often recommended to patients with “treatment-resistant” anxiety disorder since it has shown significant potential to manage symptoms and boost the quality of life.

According to this study, people who receive ketamine infusions have clear improvements in depression, suicidal ideation, and anxiety symptoms.

How Ketamine Works in Treating Anxiety Disorder

Ketamine infusion therapy treats anxiety disorder by increasing the glutamate activity in the brain. 

Glutamate is a chemical messenger in the brain which plays a crucial role in memory, learning, and mood regulation. It also supports neuroplasticity, which affects your brain’s ability to change and adapt to new experiences. 

By helping increase neuroplasticity, experts believe ketamine helps re-wire your brain, disrupting harmful or problematic thought patterns associated with anxiety. Consequently, you form more positive thoughts, relieving the anxiety symptoms.

How Long Do the Effects of Ketamine Last?

Ketamine infusion therapy has more powerful immediate effects than long-lasting ones. Still, the long-lasting effects are very powerful compared to other forms of anxiety treatment. 

The immediate effects of ketamine infusion include feeling foggy, tingly, loopy, and surreal. Long-lasting effects show about an hour after the therapy and can last for months. These relief symptoms deal with anxiety, mental fog, and depression.

With repeated, consistent treatments covering a few months, patients undergoing the therapy can show permanent improvement. 

The Various Anxiety Disorders Ketamine Treats

Ketamine infusion or IV therapy can be used to treat various anxiety disorders. They include the following:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) – This anxiety disorder involves excessive concern over multiple issues at once, such as family, money, and health.
  • Social anxiety disorder (SAD) – Also known as social phobia, this anxiety disorder involves fear of being rejected or judged in a social situation.
  • Simple phobias and phobia-related disorders – These involve intense fear of specific situations or objects such as flying or blood.
  • PTSDThis anxiety disorder involves severe nightmares, anxiety, and uncontrollable thoughts after a traumatic event.
  • Panic disorder – This anxiety disorder involves recurrent panic attacks accompanied by sweating, accelerated heart rates, and feelings of doom.

Get to Know if Ketamine is the Right Treatment for You

Anxiety disorders are treatable. With intensive and extensive work being carried out on research, ketamine IV therapy has so far proven to be a reliable and effective treatment. Contact Ketamine & Wellness Clinic of South Florida today and learn how Ketamine Infusion Therapy could be thethe right treatment for you.