“I was a shell of a person.”

Fresh out of the service in 2007, Ross struggled with his mental health. Knowing that something had to change, Ross combed the internet and discovered the healing properties of ketamine for depression. Ketamine therapy was the spark of hope that he needed. He slowly began to wean himself from the medications previously prescribed to him by doctors, and by his second ketamine infusion, he was off of everything. 


“I had nowhere else to go. I’d hit rock bottom.”

April suffered from severe anxiety and depression before she found Ketamine & Infusion Clinic of South Florida. “My life improved. I feel much healthier, and I feel more able to cope with daily stress.” Ketamine infusions have helped April reclaim control of her life, and she recommends it to all her family and friends who are struggling as well.

More Testimonials

I came across the Ketamine Clinic’s friendly staff at The Cannadelic Convention in Miami earlier this year. At first I was hesitant to move forward with the Therapy, but I did my research and the staff was very friendly and reassuring. I have a history of severe anxiety and depression along with complex PTSD from multiple traumas. I have tried every medication under the sun with horrible side effects and nothing has provided lasting relief.

I made the decision to give the infusion therapy a try, and it was nothing short of miraculous. I felt very calm and comfortable in the beautiful setting that is provided in the treatment rooms along with the very friendly and smiling staff, that greeted me upon my arrival. Megan was so kind and helpful! Sonia, Shaina, Kahli walked me through every step of the treatment. I felt very safe.

During the infusion process I had many experiences that were beautiful, painful and dark. I was able to develop the confidence to face the demons that I carry deep inside me and move through them with grace.

The integration coach also helped me to navigate the visions that came up and how to process them; and gave me wonderful suggestions.

I created a series of art images to go along with the infusion process that I can revisit when need be. I also discovered a Beautiful playlist that helped me feel peaceful and calm as I went into each experience.

I was reborn, literally!

I definitely recommend this series for anyone who is looking to do the work, and is ready to move on and begin fully living their life!

– Anonymous

I don’t know where to start…This clinic has been an amazing support for me since day 1 that I contacted them.

First time I ever called, I was holding my breath not to cry. I was SO depressed and lost that nothing seemed to be worth living.
And right there, already over the phone, I knew they were different than your average mental health professionals.

I felt heard and that they were really genuine about wanting to help and be compassionate about what I was going through.

It took me some months to do the treatments.
I was afraid, I didn’t know what to expect and all sort of questions and situations were going on in my head.

What If I go truly crazy and I just end up losing my mind? What if I go into a “trip” that’s its SO scary that I get traumatized for life? Well, I’m sure it won’t work for me…Nothing does. I’m screwed for life…blablabla.

Fast forward some months, while dealing with another very dark time again and with zero hope and desire to live, I called them back and went for the treatments. I was still very afraid but I couldn’t deal with that agony one more day.

Today, after 7 treatments, I can say my life has changed completely.
I have waited some time to write this review, because I wanted to see how would I progress, and let me tell you, nothing has changed, if anything, for the better.

I keep learning about myself because now I’m excited about living. I’ve become a more positive person where before I was just hopeless and didn’t think I would ever be ok or happy.

I can’t really explain what Ketamine did for me.
It’s hard to put it into words, but I finally feel in charge of my life and my emotions. I can see them as an observer and do something about them if that makes sense. Before I was just drowning in them and felt hopeless.

I am not saying this is something that works for everyone, I don’t know that, but I would recommend it to anyone dealing with depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety, to give it a try.

The support you’ll have, will amaze you.
The whole staff are just wonderful, extremely professional and extremely compassionate.
Khali, Julie, Megan, Shaina & Sonia, you are the dream team! ❤️
All these beautiful ladies, they want you happy and ok as much as you do!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– Marina Rubio Ruiz

I went for Ketamine infusion for my life long depression. The staff is courteous, professional and compassionate. The offices are clean and comfortable. Julie Clark BCC MBA was the integration coach who shed invaluable perspective on the ketamine experience.

As for me, my crippling self hate and depression are now a thing of the past. I now look forward to tomorrow. Ketamine has saved and restored my life.

I suggest before you go on your ketamine journey you consider establishing some positive behavior. An example could be exercise or learning something you always wanted to learn. Ketamine doesn’t make you smarter but it does get you out of your way of the things you want. Also, its a great way to notice the changes within. I took up exercise pre ketamine it was an unpleasant chore that was pointless and filled with self disgust. After the first session my mind was quiet. For the first time in a long time now I exercise because its part of my life and I now love myself enough to take care of myself.
A bit of a reminder is it doesn’t fix all the messes you made in your life. It doesn’t erase a lifetime of bad habits, it just makes it easier to confront them. Asking for help becomes much easier because you and me deserve to live this life the best way we can.


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