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Ketamine infusion therapy is the gold standard treatment option providing relief for those suffering from various mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and suicidal ideation.

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Ketamine infusion therapy alone does not cure mental illness. That’s why, here at Ketamine & Wellness Clinic of South Florida, we have implemented innovative new therapies to provide comprehensive treatment plans for each individual we serve. 

We offer our patients innovative new therapies for rapid relief
Ketamine for depression, psychiatric disorders, and chronic pain conditions
2 Hours Ketamine Integration Coaching included
Life Coaching included
Unlimited Weekly Group Therapy for Patients & Their Families included
Trauma/EMDR Therapy
Neurofeedback Training
Private infusion rooms
Therapeutic music playlists
Micronutrient testing
IV vitamin infusion therapy
Stellate Ganglion Block (PTSD, Parosmia)

Finding Hope & Healing in Pompano Beach, Hallandale Beach & Miami Beach

We empower individuals toward an improved quality of life & wellbeing through comprehensive & compassionate care.

Our vision is to advance the cutting edge of care, and to be the provider of choice in your wellness journey by bringing the compassionate transformation of our services to you as the premier wellness provider in Pompano Beach and surrounding cities. We are your place of hope and healing.

To ensure safe and effective treatment, we always have an anesthesia provider on staff to administer and oversee your infusions.

Learn About Our Treatments

Our clinic is founded by two certified nurse anesthesiologists who specialize in Ketamine
IV Treatment is easy to do and done with numbing spray and small gauge IV needles

Provider of Choice in Your Wellness Journey

We solve all your needs by providing individualized and holistic care for you and your family!

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South Florida’s Leading Ketamine and Wellness Provider

Ketamine for depression

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine infusion therapy can help those suffering from mental health and chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and migraines.

IV fluids bag

IV Vitamin Infusions

Individualized IV Vitamin Infusion treatments combined with nutritional supplements developed through Micronutrient testing.

Ganglion block being administered

Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB)

This procedure targets the sympathetic nervous system, allowing the brain and body to reboot, relieving symptoms of PTSD and long COVID.

Woman getting Botox injection


Procedures include: Botox, Fillers, PRPT, Liver Cleansing, Weight Loss, Macronutrients & Hair Restoration.

We Empower Individuals Towards an Improved Quality of Life

Individualized Care

We get to the root cause of your symptoms by combining a multi-perspective approach to wellness care.

Calming Environment

Spacious private infusion rooms are available to clients as well as our newly renovated IV nutrient lounge.

Innovative Treatments

We utilize modern medicine practices to provide cutting-edge mental health and wellness treatments in Pompano Beach.

Community Focused

We work with local psychiatrists to make our clients wellness journey as simple as possible.

Our Team


Sonia Cotto

Founder, CRNA, APRN

Leading Certified-nurse anesthesiologist, American Heart Association instructor, Ketamine and integration expert

Khali Reed

Founder, CRNA, APRN

Leading Certified-nurse anesthesiologist for ketamine infusion therapy, Nurse Aesthetic Injector of KCSF Med Spa

Advisory Board

John J. Giordano

Founder, CCJS, MAC, CAP

An expert in the treatment of addiction, mental health, and the founder of The National Institute For Holistic Addiction Studies (NIFHAS).

Dr. Kenneth Blum


Neuroscience Advisor at The Shores Treatment and Recovery. He has devoted much of his life to researching and educating about the various causes of addiction.

Medical Director

Dr. Delvena Thomas

Board Certified Psychiatrist, Medical Director at KCSF

A tireless advocate and nationally recognized mental health expert working to end the stigma of mental illness and educate the public about the brain.

Support Team

Megan Papagelis

Patient Care Coordinator, Psychedelic Support, Medical Assistant 

Julie Clark, BBC

Psychosynthesis Life Coach, Entheogenic Medicine Integration Coach, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Specialist

Monica Alarcon

Psychosynthesis Life Coach, Integration Coach

Treatment is Available at

Our Other South Florida Locations

Hallandale Beach

Our comprehensive and compassionate care is available to patients in Hallandale Beach, Aventura, Hollywood, and Fort Lauderdale.

Miami Beach

We have expanded our mission to provide high-quality care & healing to patients in Miami, Miami Beach and surrounding areas.

We Offer Different Treatment Options and Solutions for Every Individual Patient

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New Ketamine Clients

From $89 / Week

Billed Monthly for 3 Months

Complimentary Ketamine assessment

Access to priority psychiatric evalutations

Individualized dosing by certified nurse anesthesiologists

2 Hours of Integrative Therapy included

Discounted IV Nutrient+ services

Access to Osmind App

Unlimited complimentary weekly group therapy, patient families welcome

Trauma processing sessions

Individualized booster wellness plan

Transfer Ketamine Clients

From $89 / Week

Billed Monthly for 3 Months

Complimentary Consultation

Rapid transfer process

Discounted booster packages

Integration Coaching packages

Unlimited complimentary weekly group therapy, patient families welcome

VIP psychiatry booking

Trauma processing sessions

Efficacy – Ketamine Offers Rapid Relief

Ketamine is a breakthrough medicine. It can rapidly lift the symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, and other conditions within hours versus the days or weeks traditional antidepressants can take.

For some, the action of a single ketamine infusion may last for a week and possibly longer: after a short series of repeated doses, this effect typically extends out for weeks to months.

Depending on your condition, we have seen upwards of 85% success rates.


Treatment Resistant Depression


PTSD Trauma


Anxiety Disorders

Payment Options

We accept FSA, HSA, all major credit cards, Advance Care Card, and Afterpay. We also provide financing options.

Osmind - breakthrough mental health treatment and research

The Osmind platform lets you file insurance claims easily to get more money back for treatment, and helps us track your personal progress with greater accuracy.

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