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Insurance, Pricing & Financing

Low-Dose Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Mental Health Infusion Series

$2850 total package price

$475 maintenance infusions

Indicated for the treatment of depression, bipolar depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, fibromyalgia, migraines, and more.

Includes a series of 6 infusions over 4 weeks & virtual sessions with our ketamine integration coach (totaling 2 hrs)


Although insurance does not cover ketamine infusion therapy, please let our providers know if you do have insurance so that we can provide you with a super-bill to submit to your insurance provider and possibly receive reimbursement for your office visits and IV infusion therapy.


We have also partnered with Advanced Care Card to assist with financing your medical care, with 0% interest for 12 months for those who qualify. Click here on the link below for immediate approval.

Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Myers’ Cocktail Vitamin Infusion

$159, 30 – 45 minutes

Vitamin B-Complex (B1,2,3,5,6)

Vitamin B12

Vitamin C, Magnesium

500mL Fluid & Electrolytes

Benefits of our Myers’ Cocktail include:

Increase red blood cell production

Nervous system support

Fatty acid metabolism

Reduce inflammation

Support immune system

Balance hormones

Relax muscles

Balance hormones

Aids in sleep

Relieve anxiety

Promote wound healing

Block histamine release

Support adrenal glands

Immunity Boost Infusion

$225, 45 – 60 minutes

Vitamin B-Complex (B1,2,3,5,6)

Vitamin B12

High-dose Vitamin C & Zinc


1000mL Fluid & Electrolytes

The Immunity Boost infusion includes all of the benefits from the Myers’ Cocktail as well as: 

Aid in the recovery process after strenuous activity

Strengthened recovery following recent illness

Reducing inflammation

Immune system support

Post-Party Hydration Infusion

$99, 45 minutes

This specially balanced formula includes:

Anti-nausea & Reflux (Zofran & Pepcid)

Pain-reducer (Toradol)

1000mL Fluid & Electrolytes

Weight loss (MIC/B12) injection series

$250, series

$30 each

15 minutes

Includes series of 10 weekly IM injections

MIC (methionine, inositol, choline) are amino acids that help break down fat cells. Additionally, MIC injections convert fat into energy and also decrease cholesterol build-up in the body. B12 is an energy booster, increasing your metabolism.

This is the popular weight loss injection that everyone is talking about! Best results are shown when receiving MIC/B12 injections once a week for 3 months, exercise, and decreased caloric intake.


$379 – 4 Week Series

4 Week Series

Semaglutide (Ozempic) is a medicine used for weight loss in specific patients, and lowers blood sugar levels in type-II diabetic patients.

Semaglutide works by increasing insulin release, lowering the amount of glucagon released, delaying gastric emptying and reducing appetite. It also controls appetite, therefore the amount of food that you want to eat is decreased.



$799 – 20 doses (50mg per dose), 6-week injection series   


$400 – 250mg infusion (2-4 hour)

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that is found naturally in every cell of the body.

As we age, NAD levels decrease, slowing down cellular function, leaving us tired and fatigued. NAD+ provides energy to the body’s cells on a molecular level, promoting cellular regeneration, reducing inflammation, and helps your body repair any damaged DNA.

Trauma Processing Sessions


Combination of EMDR, Breathwork and Hypnotherapy

Aesthetic Procedures


30 mins

Units – 30 mins


30 mins

Units – 30 mins

R. Contour Restylane®

30 mins

R. Defyne Restylane®

30 mins

R. Kysse Restylane®

30 mins

R. Refyne Restylane®

30 mins

R. Lyft Restylane®

30 mins

Versa w/ Dental Block

45 mins


45 mins

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