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Can Chronic Pain Cause PTSD?

Chronic pain and PTSD are two commonly co-existing conditions, and there seems to be a symbiotic relationship between the two, with each condition exacerbating the symptoms of the other. This creates a vicious cycle that can be hard to break. There is also a lot of overlap between chronic pain and PTSD, what with both … Read more

What Causes Chronic Back Pain?

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Chronic back pain is pain that persists for 12 weeks or more, even after receiving treatment for an initial injury or other underlying cause of the pain. About 20 percent of those harmed by acute low back pain suffer even more as it becomes chronic with constant symptoms at one year. Even if pain continues, it doesn’t mean there’s a medically significant cause or one easily identifiable and treatable. Sometimes, pain is an inevitable outcome.

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How To Live Well With Chronic Pain and Illness


Chronic pain makes life incredibly difficult, and it affects a person in more ways than just having pain. But with the right lifestyle changes paired with effective treatment, you can find relief and still maintain a healthy lifestyle with chronic pain and illness. Keep reading to learn some tips and techniques that may help you … Read more

Can Chronic Pain Cause PTSD Development?

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Chronic pain and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) have a symbiotic relationship, living in close proximity to one another, often within the mind and body of someone suffering from both. Chronic pain is difficult to diagnose, but some symptoms can be managed effectively with proper treatment. PTSD results after a traumatic event, with the sufferer, often left with injuries or conditions tracked back to the trauma. If chronic pain is diagnosed as being injury-related, such as a spinal injury in a soldier who was harmed by an improvised explosive device, then PTSD may have resulted from the pain as an example.

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