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How Can Ketamine Help My Anxiousness?

How Can Ketamine Help My Anxiousness?

If you’re like most human beings, you have probably experienced a moment of anxiousness before a significant event in your life. But if you’re a person who suffers from such a disorder, persistent anxiousness can interfere with your ability to function throughout the day. Anxiousness disorders such as panic attacks can make it feel impossible to thrive at work or school, maintain meaningful relationships, or even enjoy life.

Before some of the groundbreaking alternative treatment options that are being tested today, treatment options included antidepressants (SSRIs, SNRIs, and benzodiazepines) combined with therapy. However, these medications generally take 6-12 weeks before the effects are felt, and many people don’t find relief. 

Ketamine therapy is an off-label alternative treatment option for anxiousness and depression. Although it’s not yet FDA-approved as a treatment for these conditions, it has been shown to reduce symptoms immediately, even in treatment-resistant patients where prior treatment methods failed.  

How Does it Work?

Ketamine contains glutamate, which is a neurotransmitter that gives it the potential to literally rewire the brain and correct negative thought patterns, providing an individual with healthier connections within the brain. 

Ketamine, along with counseling,  enables the patient to better internalize the treatment. This allows the patient to truly reap the most significant and long-term benefits.

Ketamine has shown its effectiveness, reliability, and versatility to the scientific community. It has successfully treated several mental health issues, including depression, anxiousness, postpartum, and bipolar disorder. 

How Long Will the Effects Last?

Ketamine infusion therapy produces strong immediate effects and has long-lasting results as well. Within the first few hours of treatment, you may feel foggy, tingly, and a little “loopy.” However, as these symptoms subside, you will feel true relief that can last for months. As effective as it is, ketamine does not claim to cure mental health struggles and is by no means a “quick fix” drug. The likelihood of permanent improvement from anxiousness rises as consistent treatments continue. 

How to Try It

Speak with a healthcare provider if you’re considering ketamine therapy for anxiousness. If you’re currently receiving treatments to deal with your feelings of anxiousness and panic, contact your provider. These professionals can usually point patients toward professionals who specialize in ketamine treatment therapy. If you decide to seek ketamine therapy, be extra cautious. While pop-up clinics and services are always coming and going, you must find out whether the one you choose performs proper screening and whether the health professionals on staff are qualified.