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Does PTSD Cause Dissociation?

Woman with multiple identities

If you’ve lived through a traumatic experience, you may suffer symptoms like avoidance or relationship trouble. But symptoms related to consciousness, memory, and self-identity could be warning signs of a subcategory of post-traumatic stress disorder called dissociation. Many people can lessen harmful symptoms with therapies, including medicine or ketamine infusion treatment. WHAT IS PTSD? It’s … Read more

How Depressed Am I?

Illustration of a mental health gauge

Everybody gets depressed at least once in their life. For most people, the symptoms subside on their own. But for others, they linger and worsen, interfering with daily life until the condition becomes debilitating. If you suffer from depression, read on to learn more about its symptoms and treatment options. What is depression? Depression, also … Read more

How Would You Describe Persistent Depressive Disorder?

It’s okay to feel down, moody, or tired after an exhausting week at work. But if those feelings persist daily and last for years, you may be experiencing symptoms of a kind of mood disorder known as persistent depressive disorder. It affects millions in the U.S., but its symptoms are treatable. PREVALENCE  According to a … Read more

How Your Diet Affects Anxiety

HOW YOUR DIET AFFECTS ANXIETY Food and anxiety help the body regulate mood. If you’re anxious, you may choose food and beverages you believe make you feel good. But not all food is created equal when fighting anxiety symptoms, and sometimes you need other help.   WHAT IS ANXIETY?   “Anxiety is a feeling of … Read more