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Maximizing Your Weight Loss Efforts with the Power of Vitamin B12 and MIC

Obesity is on the rise globally. According to data, about 39% of adults globally are overweight. The same data shows that obese adults comprise 13% of the global population. 

Obesity can lead to many health issues, such as diabetes, heart problems, and orthopedic problems. However, while so many people are becoming keener to maintain a healthy weight, powerful exercise regimes, and specialized diets are not yielding the best results for some individuals.

For such individuals, vitamin B12 and MIC can be viable options for reducing and managing weight. Here’s what you need to know about vitamin B12 and MIC and how they can help you manage weight. 

What are Vitamin B12 and MIC?

Vitamin B12 and MIC are substances administered to the body to achieve weight loss. In most cases, overweight individuals receive a MIC B12 injection that contains vitamin B12, methionine, inositol, and choline.

Each of these substances has a specific effect on the body.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that can be naturally found in some foods or administered as a prescription medication or dietary supplement.

Vitamin B12 is essential to your body for various purposes, such as the development of the central nervous system. It is also crucial for DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation, while also helping to break down food for energy provision, boost metabolism, and fight fatigue. 

As such, vitamin B12’s association with metabolism makes it a crucial ingredient or supplement for managing obesity. 


Methionine is an amino acid that helps the body create more amino acids. It is also an antioxidant and fundamental to the production of glutathione, another powerful antioxidant. 

Methionine can help combat obesity by reducing oxidative stress in the body, and it also helps inositol and choline work effectively. 


Inositol helps the liver remove fat from the body. It also boosts metabolism, helps enhance nutrient absorption, and helps prevent stress-induced overeating.


Choline plays a crucial role in how your brain functions by helping cells communicate with each other efficiently. It also helps keep the liver healthy and aids in fat removal.

The Relationship Between Vitamin B12, MIC, and Weight Loss

When administered together, the individual effects of weight loss of vitamin B12, methionine, inositol, and choline get amplified. Therefore, the MIC B12 injection hastens metabolism, enabling the body to get rid of fat faster.

MIC B12 injections can induce weight loss at a rate of two to four pounds weekly, especially when coupled with lifestyle changes. The ingredients in the injection are also known to help with the following:

  • Removal of fat from the liver, thus reducing fatty liver disease
  • Providing an energy boost
  • Improvement in mood, memory, and thought processes
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Provide essential components for normal brain and cell function
  • Reduce homocysteine levels, which is commonly associated with stroke, heart attack, and dementia
  • Promote healthy hair growth
  • Maintain strong nails and a healthy skin tone

Essential Things to Know About MIC B12 Shots for Weight Loss

Here are essential things you should know about MIC B12 injections before committing to them.

Will It Hurt?

MIC B12 injections typically don’t hurt. However, expect normal discomfort and pain around the injection area. These shots are administered directly into the thigh, buttocks, upper arm, or hip muscles.

You should be able to resume normal activities immediately after the injection.

Is it a One-and-Done Treatment?

You need multiple MIC B12 injections for optimal results. The exact amount you need will vary based on factors such as activity level, age, physical health, and your body’s response to the treatment. 

Typically, injections are administered weekly or bi-weekly over three months for a maximum of 10-12 injections before a required four week break.

You should also make healthy lifestyle changes to benefit most from the treatment. 

How Soon Will the Results Show?

MIC B12 injections typically give an immediate energy boost. Eventually, you develop less hunger and fatigue. Most patients start noticing weight loss about 3-4 weeks after the first treatment. 

Consult a Professional

Weight loss is a long journey that needs a lot of commitment. MIC B12 injections can help make the journey less challenging while reducing the risks of obesity-related diseases. Contact the Ketamine & Wellness Clinic of South Florida today and learn how you can get started.